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When to Hire A Licensed Electrician

There are plenty of DYI instructional videos and resources from big box home improvement stores that can guide you along with most simple fixes and additions. If you are a do-it-yourselfer (DYI), you can save some money by making repairs yourself. There are plenty of home improvement fixes you can do yourself to save money that don’t involve electricity. Working on electrical circuits can be dangerous and even deadly if not done correctly and safe. The risks of working with electricity on your home include shock, injury, damage to your home, and a home fire. When not done correctly, new additions, such as adding an outlet can pose hazards months if not years later. That said, if you are comfortable working on home electrical projects, you have every right to work on your own home as long as your work meets the National Electric Code and conforms to your local building codes. If an injury or fire does happen, you can bet your insurance company will be investigating.

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What You Need to Know About the Rising Cost of Electrical Gear

Make no mistake, commercial and residential building in Nevada is hotter than a fire hydrant chasing a dog in July. The only thing hotter than the construction industry is the cost of building materials… Electrical gear and wire quotes are now good for 7 days, sometimes less. Taking a quick poll of some of our vendors, Greg Layfayette of Pacific Coast Wire & Cable said it best, “Prices are going through the roof, for example PVC was $1.53 per ft last year, now its over $6 a foot.” It’s simply impossible to say how electrical gear and wire shortages will impact a project budget and timeline, the only guarantee we can see is that every project will be affected.

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